The following data license template can be used to present users with explicit opt-in/opt-out participation in Receipt OCR powered features.

Agreement Overview

This User Data License Agreement ("UDLA") is a legal agreement between you, the "User," and [Company Name]("the Company"). It governs the rights and obligations related to the data extracted from receipts uploaded by the User through the Company’s Receipt Scan Features. Participation in this program is subject to the terms outlined in the [Terms of Service](Link to Terms of Service) and [Privacy Policy](Link to Privacy Policy).

1. License Grant

By participating in the data licensing program, the User grants the Company a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the data extracted from receipts ("Shared Information") for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to analysis, product and service enhancement, and sharing with selected partners as described herein.

2. Data Use and Protection

a. Shared Information

The Shared Information under this agreement includes data extracted from receipts, such as purchase history. The Company commits to using this information in accordance with the [Terms of Service](Link to Terms of Service) and [Privacy Policy](Link to Privacy Policy), ensuring data is de-identified and utilized for purposes that may benefit the User, including service improvements and personalized offerings.

b. Confidentiality

The Company ensures that any partner receiving Shared Information adheres strictly to not further disclose or misuse the data, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the User’s data.

3. Participation and Compensation

Participation in this program is voluntary and in exchange for the User's grant of the license to the Company, the User gains access to the Receipt Scan Features. This agreement acknowledges that the User's participation provides value to the Company, which may be recognized through specific benefits, subject to change as outlined by the Company. Termination of participation by the User will cease the User's access to these features.

4. Privacy

The collection and use of Shared Information by the Company are governed by our [Privacy Policy](Link to Privacy Policy). The User retains ownership of the Shared Information and has the right to opt-out of the program at any time.

5. Amendments and Termination

This UDLA is in effect until terminated by either party. The Company reserves the right to modify or terminate this agreement and will provide notice to the User of such changes. Termination by the User can be done through the application settings, effectively ceasing future data collection.

6. Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of [Insert Jurisdiction Here], where the Company is headquartered.

By participating in the Receipt Scan Features, the User agrees to the terms of this UDLA, along with the [Terms of Service](Link to Terms of Service) and [Privacy Policy](Link to Privacy Policy).