The TIKI cloud infrastructure boasts HTTP REST APIs, seamlessly compatible with any standard HTTP client for effortless request handling and response management.

Our Client Library serves as an intuitive interface for engaging with the TIKI REST APIs. By handling API authentication and data uploads, it streamlines processes, minimizing the need for extensive code writing across Android, iOS, and Capacitor applications.

Moreover, it goes beyond API interaction, offering features that streamline integration with third-party APIs and services, enabling the implementation of various functionalities:

  • Receipt Scan: Integrate with the device's camera to effortlessly capture pictures of physical receipts.
  • E-mail Receipt Scraping: Authenticate with the Gmail API to streamline the download of receipt emails from known senders, significantly enhancing email scraping efficiency.
  • Device Permissions Management: Control device permissions and monitor user consent using a simple, ready-to-use API.

While the client library offers numerous integrations, each one remains entirely optional and separate from the others. Users can leverage the library to communicate with the TIKI REST APIs without implementing any of the receipt scan, email scraping, or device permissions features.