The Client Library is designed to simplify the integration of applications with APIs.

By leveraging the Client Library, developers can streamline the process of authorization, licensing, data capture, upload, and more, significantly reducing the complexity of connecting their applications to

Key Features

  • Simplified Integration: The Client Library abstracts away the complexities of interacting with APIs, offering convenient methods for common tasks such as authentication, licensing, and data upload.

  • Platform Compatibility: Whether you're developing a web app, an Android app, or an iOS app, the Client Library provides seamless integration options for various platforms.

  • Flexible Configuration: The library offers flexible configuration options, allowing developers to tailor the integration to their specific use cases by providing parameters for pre-built templates, such as company name, jurisdiction and its own terms of service.

Optional Features

  • Camera Integration: Developers can leverage the optional camera integration feature to enable scanning physical receipts directly from mobile devices, enhancing the user experience of receipt capture.
  • Email Scraping: The Gmail and Outlook integrations provides an easy interface to connect e-mail accounts to the client library and scrape receipt e-mails from a pre-defined list of known receipt senders.