Link Email Accounts

To utilize the Receipt Scraping feature in the mytiki Client Library, users will need to link their Gmail and/or Outlook email accounts. This process involves OAuth2 authentication, broken down into the following steps:

  1. Authentication: Users are directed to a web browser to log into their email account. At this stage, they must authorize the mytiki Client Library to access their mailbox, enabling it to scrape receipts from their emails.

  2. Authorization: After successfully logging in and granting the required permissions, users are redirected back to the application. This confirms that the email account has been successfully linked.

  3. Token Encryption and Storage: The Client Library encrypts the access tokens obtained during the authorization process and securely stores them locally on the user's device.

  4. Token Utilization: The secured tokens are then used by the Client Library to maintain a connection with the email providers. These tokens enable the library to access emails for the purpose of receipt scraping.

Note: It is crucial to ensure that the client is properly configured with the appropriate token for the email provider being used. Attempting to connect with an incorrect or invalid token will result in an error.