Getting Started

Welcome to our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service! This guide is designed to walk you through the process of integrating our OCR service into your application, from sign-up to the retrieval of processed data. Let's get started!

1. Project Setup

First things first, you'll need to connect your application to our OCR service using either the Client Library or REST API. This involves a few platform specific installation and configuration steps.

2. Data License Setup

Data licensing is the cornerstone of our business model, allowing us to provide you with OCR services at no cost.

3. Uploading Receipts

Integrate OCR capabilities for scanning and processing receipts directly within your app across Android, iOS, and Capacitor platforms.

4. Retrieve Result

Integrating the functionality to retrieve data extracted from receipts into your application is a critical step in leveraging OCR capabilities for document management and analysis.

What’s Next