Create consumption-ready data. Aggregate raw application data in an Iceberg data lake, transform with dbt, and enforce compliance requirements. Use with mytiki.com to monetize your new data assets.

When building the original internal mytiki.com platform to coalesce data from dozens of applications, billions of records, and millions of users into standardized clean assets for consumption by external data teams and companies we kept hearing from data teams struggling with the same problems as us —it's hard and expensive.

We've blended together a selection of popular open source tools, managed serverless infrastructure, wiring, and simplified interfaces to modularize data productization. We call it a Lagoon. In short, if you have a lot of data, a small team, a limited budget, and you need to continuously deliver good clean structured data, deploy a Lagoon.

Available as a managed service, if you're not on AWS or would prefer 0 headache. Or you can deploy into your own cloud — either works seamlessly with all of our tooling.