How it Works

Our OCR service offers you an innovative way to handle receipt data with no cost on OCR processing. This is made possible through a unique data licensing model.

Here's how it all works

  1. Get started by signing up and using our Client Library to connect your application with our OCR service.
  2. Set up your data license by amending your apps terms of service or adding an explicit opt-in. This agreement is the cornerstone of our business model, allowing us to provide you with OCR services at no cost.
  3. Using the Client Library upload images of receipts.
  4. We process the receipts using Amazon Textract. Use the Client Library or our REST API to retrieve your results.

How Licensing Fuels Our Service

  • We aggregate and anonymize the licensed data and monetize it. This process is what keeps our OCR service free for all users.
  • Not only do you get free OCR services, but you also retain the ability to utilize and monetize the data however you see fit, within the confines of your own terms of service.
  • We ensure all parties understand the data flow and consent to the licensing, providing full transparency about the data's use.

Data Privacy and Security

  • We strictly de-identify all data before it is monetized, ensuring compliance with privacy standards.
  • Data security is paramount. We employ encryption at-rest (AES-256), security practices to protect, and license terms enforcement to maintain confidentiality.

What’s Next