Data Access

Now that you have some data in your Lagoon, let's query it.

There are tons of ways to query Iceberg data in S3, visit the Iceberg docs for more examples. We're going to use AWS Athena, every Lagoon comes pre-configured for Athena with Glue as a metadata catalog.

The following example assumes you followed the steps in Data Ingest.


  1. Open up AWS Athena in the same region as your Lagoon, you should see the workgroup mytiki-lagoon

  2. On the left-hand side, select the database mytiki from the dropdown. You should see the table and schema for users

  3. Run select * from mytiki.users. You should see the following result, except with a different _etl_loaded_at timestamp.

    1Alyssa2562024-05-31 18:57:58.179000